Hello World. Deploy your first application.

How to deploy your first application with Qovery

Qovery is an easy way to deploy a full-stack application. Meaning, you can deploy a backend, frontend and a database seamlessly. In this guide, I'll show you how to deploy a template app.

Step by step tutorial

  1. Sign up

    Sign in to the Qovery web interface.

    Qovery Sign-up page

  2. Deploy a templated app!

    Here is a short video showing how to deploy your app with the Qovery Web interface.


    • Create a project
    • Deploy an app

Deploy your app!

It's as simple as deploying a template, the difference is to choose I already have an application instead of I want to use a template.

Deploy your app with Qovery

Next Steps

To deploy your application, it's as simple as that. In the following article, we will see how to add a database. Let's get started!