Github Preview

Github Preview allow you to quickly see your latest changes on an automatically deployed environment before merging your pull request. You don't have to do anything - simply use Github as you would normally do. All useful information will appear automatically in Github's user interface.

Github Previews allow you to make the best use of Qovery deployments without even leaving Github UI. Qovery makes sure that all information you need appear next to your commits in your pull requests.

This feature allows you to focus completely on developing your application instead of learning and using additional tools. Write your feature, push the code, open a pull request and see everything you need in one place.


To display deployment status and application previews, simply navigate to your pull request on Github. Application Preview as well as build logs can be seen in Checks section.

Pull Request Overview
How to access Deployment Status

Deployment Success

If an application is built and deployed successfully, you'll see a successful status message directly in the Github UI with a link to the preview of your application which you can use for tests before merging the pull request.

Deployment Failure
Success status with Application Preview URL

Deployment Failure

If an error occured during the build or deployment phase of the CI/CD pipeline, you'll see an appropriate error message as well as build and application logs which may help you to fix the issue quickly without even leaving Github UI.

Deployment Failure
Failure status with build logs