Environment is a fully independent instance of your project (its applications, services, and data). On Qovery, environments reflect your Git workflows. Qovery transforms every Git branch into a complete copy of your production environment, including applications and their dependencies (databases, message brokers, storage, and others). We also replicate your production data, so all your environments are close copies of your production setup.

Qovery environments

Complexity of managing multiple environments

When software teams work on new features, they rarely work using just one Git branch. New features are developed on dedicated branches and tested on pre-production environments to make sure they work flawlessly before releasing to production. Achieving this, however, is often costly and troublesome:

  • Creating new environments is hard and requires work and time from developers
  • Keeping pre-prod environments identical to the production environment is even harder
  • Number of environments developers can manage is very limited

Creating and managing multiple environments requires work and time. Precious time that is better spent on delivering business value.

Thanks to Qovery concept of environments, all these problems are solved. New environments are spun up in minutes without any work from your side.

Benefits of using Qovery environments

  1. Test new features in a production-like environment

    Introducing bugs to production is costly. You can't be sure your code works correctly if your testing environment is not the same as production. With Qovery, you can test new features in environments that are identical to your production, so you'll introduce fewer bugs to the product your clients use.

  2. Don't waste developers time

    Software development teams often implement multiple features at the same time. However, it's prevalent that developers are blocked from delivering new features quickly if they can't freely test their code. Testing features by multiple developers at the same time is often impossible if you have only one or two testing environments. Developers have to wait until their teammates finish with their tests. With Qovery, every developer can work and test his code using his copy of the production environment. No more wasted time. Shorten your development cycle and deliver new features quickly!

Virtual Branches

You don't have to create a new branch_X branch in every application of your project to get a fully functional branch_X environment.

When branch_X is missing in part of your applications, Qovery deploys them from your production branch. After you create branch_X in any of your applications, they are automatically redeployed from that branch in this environment. ``