Policy is a core concept of Qovery Business. It allows your team to customize the behaviours of the platform and adjust it perfectly to your organization's needs.

Customizing the CI/CD pipeline

Policies allow you to customize every step of Qovery CI/CD pipeline. Choose the cloud provider, container registry and build platform you prefer on per environment basis (per git branch). If it's still not enough, you can always plug in your own custom build scripts that will be triggered in reaction to specified events.

Enforcing organization-wide rules

Enforcing organization-wide policies on multiple teams is usually a hard task. Qovery allows you to completely eliminate this problem - just define your rules and let Qovery do the dirty work of assuring that your teams adhere to it. Choose which databases and versions are allowed. Specify the list of allowed services. Set up the list of environments to deploy. All you have to do is to declare the rules - Qovery is here to make sure the rules are respected in your organization.

Fine-grained permissions

Every organization has a unique hierarchy and set of roles. Qovery allows you to define your own permissions system that reflect your organizations structure. Create and assign roles, manage permissions, easily follow the rule of the least privilege in your organization.

Smart cloud cost-optimization

Do you think your development environments cost too much? Solve the problem with a set of simple rules that will make your organization spend money wisely. Automatically turn off applications after working hours. Clean unused environments. These are just a few examples of how declaration of policies can make your organization more cost-efficient.

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