In our terminology, application is a program versioned by Git that is run and managed by Qovery. An application repository should contain a Dockerfile - Qovery uses Docker container runtime to run applications. The last thing - to deploy applications to Qovery, you need to add a Qovery configuration. Here is the minimal configuration file:

name: myapp
project: test

After you commit and push this file to your repository, Qovery automatically deploys your application.

Git Driven Infrastructure (GitOps)

Qovery automatically manages your application and everything it needs to run. That means you treat your infrastructure dependencies as a part of your application. If your application needs a PostgreSQL database, all you need to do is to edit the configuration file, commit and push your changes:

name: myapp
project: test
- type: postgresql
version: "11.5"
name: my-postgresql

It means you keep your infrastructure needs under version-control as a part of your application.

Rich selection of integrated services

Qovery integrates, provisions, and manages all kinds of services and infrastructure dependencies your application may need. We provide a rich selection of services that you can use in your application just by adding a few lines to your config file.

DatabasesSQL, NoSQL databases and caches
BrokersMessage queuing systems
StorageData storage e.g., S3
NetworkCustom DNS, SSL/TLS

After you define your needs in the configuration file, Qovery provides all the required infrastructure. Since now, all you need to do is to implement your business features!

All languages and frameworks supported

To make Qovery flexible and efficient, we decided to use containers as a runtime for applications. Due to this fact, Qovery can run any software you need. The only thing you need to do to run your applications on Qovery is to provide a Dockerfile in your application repository.

Consistent development environment

At Qovery, we believe your application should behave the same on your local machine as in your production environment. We can achieve this using Docker runtime and Qovery CLI features that auto-magically run your application on your machine in the same way as it runs in production.