How Qovery works?

This document presents a high-level overview of how Qovery operates. We believe knowing these facts may help you understand Qovery and the power it brings for software development teams.

Observing your Git repositories

Qovery reacts to events in your Git repositories, like new commits, pull requests, or adding new branches. When it detects a Qovery configuration in your repository, it puts your application into a CI/CD pipeline.

Integrating Git and CI/CD

You don't need to set up your CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment) pipeline. In response to Git events, we clone your repository and put it in the pipeline. We use a Dockerfile from your repository to build a Docker image of your application. We also check the infrastructure requirements of your application using a simple .qovery.yml config file.

Deploying applications on Kubernetes clusters

After building a Docker image of your application, we make it accessible by deploying it on Kubernetes clusters.

Integrating & Provisioning Cloud Infrastructure

We make sure all databases, storage, and message brokers your application requirements are provisioned and configured. If something is missing, we provision it quickly and make it accessible to your application without any additional work from your side. To achieve it, we use managed services from many major cloud providers (like AWS, Azure, MongoDB Atlas, and others) - that's why our platform is so reliable.

Replicating your projects

One of the most powerful features of Qovery is Environments. When we detect a new branch in one of your applications, we deliver a complete copy of your production environment (apps, databases, and services) so you can test new features quickly and adequately before going to production.

Integrating other 3rd-Party services

We make sure that using and integrating all popular cloud services (e.g., Datadog) is smooth and seamless for all your applications on Qovery.

Managing your organization BUSINESS

Qovery allows you to define fine-grained rules that mirror the way your company operates. Create teams, assign roles, split responsibilities and enforce company-wide rules, all in one place.

Deploying on multiple clouds BUSINESS

Have you thought multi-cloud is a myth? Not with Qovery. Qovery Business allows your organization to run your production environments on very reliable clouds and at the same time use cheaper cloud providers for your development environments.